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Trip Itinerary - Wengen
July 18 - 24, 2015

Trip Itinerary - Evolène
July 26 - August 1, 2015

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Key Information

Our Trip Philosophy

Our goal is to provide our guests with a unique and fun filled experience while hiking in the Swiss Alps. To that end, we stay in one place, allowing us the flexibility of selecting the right hike on the right day. This also gives our guests the freedom to explore the villages serving as our home instead of having to pack and unpack baggage due to a change in location. After a day of hiking alpine trails we expect to be tired, but we still want our guests to have energy left to enjoy their evening.

Dependent upon your choice, you will stay in the quaint mountain villages of Evolène or Wengen. Both villages are wonderful vacation spots even if you decide not to hike one day as you can wander in the village, go on a mountain bike ride (in Evolène), shop or simply relax, read a book or even treat yourself to a spa (in Wengen). There is always something fun to do.

We Are Different From Other Hiking Tours

Elaine, Aldo and Dan are on-site during the whole tour to ensure that our guests have a great time. We’ll be there to help with everything from choosing restaurants, to guiding the hikes. We love what we do, and wouldn’t think of putting our guests in the care of anyone but us!

Our 2015 Destinations

We are offering two separate Swiss hiking destinations in July, 2015, Wengen located in the Jungfrau Region and Evoléne located in Switzerland’s Valais Region. While the villages of Wengen and Evolène are different in personality and style, they are both a hiker’s paradise. Select Wengen for a modern Swiss experience or Evoléne for a traditional Swiss experience. Or treat yourself and come to both!

Wengen: A Modern Swiss Experience

Our home base for this week is the car free village of Wengen, located on a terrace midway between the high mountains and valley floor. It is in the popular Jungfrau Region of central Switzerland at the foot of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau peaks. A mountain train is the only way to get to the village and within 15 minutes of leaving the valley base of Lauterbrunnen you will find yourself surrounded by a unique panorama from which many spectacular summits can be easily seen. Wengen is centrally located in the Jungfrau area and we will take trains, trams and lifts to access a wide variety of hiking adventures in the region. You'll find Wengen a spectacular and scenic base for a memorable stay.

In Wengen you will experience:

  • Spectacular hiking.
  • German influenced Swiss culture and cuisine.
  • Jaw dropping views from your hotel.
  • Car free roadways.
  • A world famous international resort region.
  • Access to a spa, massage, and yoga.
  • Numerous shops.
  • An excellent transportation system.
Evolène: A Traditional Swiss Experience

This quaint mountain village, nestled in the beautiful Val d'Herens is surrounded by stunning mountains. Here the streets are lined with traditional wooden buildings with flowers decorating every window. It is a small village, yet large enough to offer the services we need. A selection of hotels, restaurants, stores and shops ensure us an enjoyable and comfortable stay. Yet just minutes from our hotel we can be out of the village and onto a trail. Other spectacular trails start in the little mountain station of Arolla. Arolla is a short ride on the famous Swiss “Post Buses” and is where we start many of our hikes!

In Evoléne, a traditional Swiss mountain village, you will experience:

  • Picture-book hiking.
  • French influenced Swiss culture and cuisine.
  • Mountains towering overhead.
  • A quiet and tranquil setting.
  • Traditional Swiss hotels.
  • An excellent transportation system.
  • Economical options.
Swiss Hiking: It’s just different!

Hiking in Switzerland is very different than hiking in the United States. People have been living in the Alps for thousands of years and the Swiss have been walking in the mountains on trails that often started out as paths used by herdsmen or crystal hunters. Over this time the herdsman’s trails have developed into thousands of miles of hiking and climbing trails. During the last century-and-a-half a large network of services including transportation, trailside restaurants, valley hotels, mountain climbers' huts and mountain hotels have been developed for hikers to use making the Swiss Alps the finest supported hiking destination in the world.


Switzerland has a full range of accommodations that vary from dormitories to four star luxury hotels. Our guests stay in small, quiet European style hotels just like the locals. These are family run establishments with both single and double occupancy rooms available, some with full bathrooms and some with shared facilities. The rooms are always spotlessly clean, quiet and very comfortable.

Group Size

Our groups will be no more than 8 guests per week. Smaller groups are just more fun!

Getting There

We'll begin our adventures in the Zurich Airport. You may want to consider Swiss International Airlines if you are traveling from the U.S. and depending upon your departure city. Interestingly, USA Today reports that Zurich is one of the more economical destination airports in Europe.

We suggest arriving a day or two earlier to allow your inner clock time to adjust. Past guests have found that doing so enhanced their experience greatly, especially on the first day of hiking. We have plenty of recommendations for you should you decide to extend your trip prior to or after hiking with us.

Ground Transportation

Switzerland is remarkably well organized as evidenced by the fact that the Swiss have developed one of the best public transportation systems in the world. You can take a train, bus, lake steamer or ski lift to almost anywhere you want to go. We supply all of our guests with ground transportation which allows for use of all of the trains, buses and lake steamers required during our trip.

Two Culture Hiking

There are four official languages spoken in Switzerland; German, French, Italian and Romanch. Each language carries with it a variety of its original culture into the Swiss confederation. When you cross the language borders you will not only hear the difference in the language spoken, but you will see changes in the architecture of the towns, the restaurant menus and the attitudes of the people. Our itinerary will immerse us in two of those cultures.

We will spend most of our time in French or German speaking Switzerland. English is spoken by many but not all Swiss people, so be ready for some communication adventures. The Swiss are very tourist friendly and are eager to work with us.

Dan below the Pigne D'Arolla
Dan below the Pigne D'Arolla
Photo by Fred Zimmerman

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