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World Class Bicycling on New England Country Roads and in Girona, Spain!

At Ride Noho, we hand-pick the best cycling routes in the area to share with our guests. We know the least travelled roads, how to avoid the detours, the terrain and of course, the country stores with the best pastries! We are excited to share them with you.

Pedal your bike through and out of Northampton to the surrounding towns guided by friendly, experienced ride leaders. No need to refer to a cue sheet! All you need to do is enjoy the ride. You'll ride by beautiful farmland and through charming villages on quiet country roads. We go for miles without seeing a traffic light or stop sign (and sometimes a car). It's friendly, paced to meet the needs of the group and most important, it's fun! Since we're fixed based, we're able to plan our routes around the pure pleasure of cycling on them, not around the most expedient way to get to the next destination. Hey, we do these rides ourselves for fun in the off season!

Note: for all of our guests who have ridden with us multiple times, we are looking forward to sharing some new routes with you.

Our season runs from May through mid September and includes Training Camps for those looking to tune up their cycling skills, and riding for all cyclists from Flatlanders to Mountain Goats. In 2017, we’ll be concentrating on offering our instructional camps and our trip to Girona, Spain. Also, we’ll be available to past guests who may have a small group of riders that might want to come to Noho for a bespoke vacation, so feel free to call us to talk about what we can do for you. All you need to do is enjoy the ride!

Ride with us in Girona, Spain - click here for details

country road

For the Experienced Rider

(unless you attend a "My First Road Bike" Camp)

Come prepared for some serious cycling. You must bring your own road bike with drop bars (unless you attend Wheels and Wine Weekend or a "My First Road Bike"Camp), and should be fit enough to enjoy the rides. Three levels of rides will be available, with "A" and "B" rides ranging in length from 45 to 55 miles:

"A" rides are for stronger riders who can easily handle 18-20 mph on the flats, and who enjoy rides with multiple climbs. These may total as much as 4000 vertical feet per ride, so 39/23 gearing is recommended.

"B" rides are for riders who can maintain 15-17 mph on the flats and enjoy multiple climbs totaling up to 3000 vertical feet per ride, so 39/26 or "triple" gearing is recommended. Although climbs may be included, the pace for these will be moderate.

"C" Rides are designed for novice cyclists who have done some limited riding, or for experienced cyclists who have been away from the sport. They will roll at an average of 13 to 15 miles per hour on the flats, and will have very little climbing. They will range from 25 to 35 miles in length, and will include a few strategically placed stops for quick refreshment. C rides are available during during our Wheels and Wine Weekend, My First Road Bike Camp and for custom events as requested.

"We had a fabulous time. Thank you for taking the time to make it a very enjoyable two days. (We) haven't stopped talking about the rides, and most importantly, the passion you have for making it special for your guests: atmosphere, nutrition, training . . ."

Typical Ride-day Schedule

Breakfast 7:00AM - 8:00AM
Ride Preview 8:20AM
Ride 8:30AM - 12:30PM
Shower & Change
Lunch 1:00PM

In order to ride with us you must wear a helmet that meets either the US DOT helmet standards or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard for bicycle helmets. Also, we require that all riders sign a standard liability release form prior to riding.

At Ride Noho, we transport all of our bikes with confidence on Thule

Ride Noho, Inc., 413-586-6013

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