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Wheels and Wine

A Wine Tour Featuring Black Birch Vineyard

August 15 and 16, 2015

Great Cycling + Great Wine + Great Food + New England = Wheels and Wine

If you love cycling, wine, food and New England, this is the trip for you! Open to A, B and C level cyclists (see 'ride descriptions' below), this fun event offers something for everyone.

Black Birch
A beautiful afternoon at Black Birch Vineyard

Check in: August 14

Aldo and Elaine Tiboni, Ride Noho proprietors, will greet you when you arrive Friday evening. Check in to your hotel and take a walk around the charming city of Northampton located along the banks of the scenic Connecticut River in western Massachusetts. Relax and have dinner at one of the many fine restaurants.

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Saturday, August 15: A, B and C Rides followed by a visit to Black Birch Vineyard

We'll meet at 7 am for a hearty breakfast at the famous Sylvester's Restaurant, located in what was the home of Sylvester Graham, remembered mainly for the cracker that bears his name. Following breakfast you will embark upon a guided bicycling adventure of your choice: A, B or C level ride through scenic western Massachusetts. If schedules allow and they arenít busy at the vineyard, one or two of the vintners may join us on the rides.

After the ride and a refreshing shower, the Ride Noho vans will transport the group to Black Birch Vineyard, home to hand-pressed signature wines. This small family owned winery sits on a sun-drenched hillside in the heart of the Pioneer Valley. It is here that the group will enjoy lunch and sample wines made from grapes grown at their own vineyard as well as the UMass vineyard in Belchertown, MA and from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Mix it up with the Black Birch Vintners who will be delighted to give you a tour of their winery and answer your questions.

When itís time to depart, it's back into the Ride Noho vans for the quick ride back to the vibrant city of Northampton where you can enjoy one of the great restaurants in town.

Sunday, August 16: A, B and C Rides

Once again we'll meet for a hearty breakfast at Sylvesterís before another great day of riding with the Ride Noho team. You will again have the choice of an A, B or C paced ride.

After the ride, itís back to the van for a famous Ride Noho cocktail and then off to a refreshing shower before we meet with the group for a departure lunch at Fitzwilly's. In business for over 30 years, Fitzwilly's has the honor of being the oldest continuously running restaurant in downtown Northampton and is in the same historic building that Calvin Coolidge kept his law offices for 20 years.

The Wine Tour includes:

  • Two great rides(A,B and C paced)
  • Two nights' accommodations
  • Two Breakfasts at the famous Sylvester's Restaurant
  • Two Lunches (including one picnic lunch)
  • Wine Tour and Tasting at Black Birch Vineyard
  • Friendly guides
  • Snacks

Ride Descriptions

"A" rides are for stronger riders who can easily handle 18-20 mph on the flats, and who enjoy rides with multiple climbs. These may total as much as 4000 vertical feet per ride, so 39/23 gearing is recommended.

"B" rides are for riders who can maintain 15-17 mph on the flats and enjoy multiple climbs totaling up to 3000 vertical feet per ride, so 39/26 or "triple" gearing is recommended. Although climbs may be included, the pace for these will be moderate.

"C" Rides are designed for novice cyclists who have done some limited riding, or for experienced cyclists who have been away from the sport. They will roll at an average of 13 to 15 miles per hour on the flats, and will have very little climbing. They will range from 25 to 35 miles in length, and will include a few strategically placed stops for quick refreshment.

Pricing and Reservations

How to Save:

  • Become a Frequent Ride Noho Guest: Those guests who have ridden with Ride Noho 10 times or more will receive a Frequent Guest Discount of $17.50/day/per person (This discount cannot be combined with the Group Discount)
  • Pay by check: Pay with cash or a check instead of a card and we will apply a 3% discount to your remittance.
  • Bring a group of six or more people: Bring a group for a scheduled or custom event and each person will receive a Group Discount of $17.50 per day. (Note: this discount cannot be combined with the Frequent Ride Noho Guest Discount).

With accommodations at The Hotel Northampton:

Single Occupancy - $720.00 per person
Double Occupancy - $510.00 per person

We are sold out of standard rooms at The Hotel Northampton, only upgraded rooms are available at an additional cost of $40.00 per person - single occupancy, or $20.00 per person - double occupancy.

With accommodations at the Northampton Quality Inn & Suites:

Single Occupancy - $570.00 per person
Double Occupancy - $440.00 per person

With accommodations at the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott:

Please call us for availability and pricing.

Local riders who will not need accommodations - $320.00 per person

Registration Deadline: August 1, 2015
$50.00 non-refundable deposit due at time of reservation, full balance due 30 days prior to arrival.

And remember, we will apply a 3% discount to your remittance if you pay your balance by check instead of using a card.

To make reservations:

Register online on our secure site by clicking here

Register here!


Call Al Tiboni at 888-817-NOHO.

Ride Noho, Inc., (888)-817-NOHO (6646)

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